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Reports To: Facilities Director or Maintenance Manager
Baptist Retirement Communities of Georgia, Inc. is a Christian ministry, and it is our purpose to provide residents with the highest quality of services in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. The Maintenance Partner is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the building and grounds of the Baptist Retirement Communities of Georgia, Inc. property assigned. The Maintenance Partner is also responsible for creating a sense of community between residents, staff, and guests. All decisions and actions must reflect the Baptist Retirement Communities of Georgia, Inc. mission statement and core values.

Essential Functions and Job Responsibilities:

  •  Treat residents and co-workers according to the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12): “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  •  Maintain the utmost confidentiality with all staff, business, and resident information unless permission is given by staff, resident, or management
  •  Communicate any concerns and issues that need Director of Facilities’ attention
  •  Repair and maintain any equipment or property as directed by work orders or supervisor
  •  Report action taken on work orders to resolve issues regarding repair to Director of Facilities and/or Department Directors in which repairs are completed
  •  Act as a liaison between Baptist Retirement Communities of Georgia and vendor companies as needed
  •  Perform On-call/After-hours phone rotation and maintenance with ability to respond within one hour of call, as directed by Supervisor. If alcohol is consumed while on call, employee will forfeit on-call pay. The employee is required to notify his/her immediate Supervisor within one hour so another employee can assume the on-call responsibilities.
  •  Communicate with staff via handheld radio at all times
  •  Assist with safety procedures
  •  Perform general maintenance such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, drywall repair, painting, caulking, staining, carpet cleaning, water damage clean-up, etc. as written on daily work orders or directed by supervisor
  • Prepare rental units for new residents
  • Remove carpet/vinyl and install LVT flooring
  • Replace filters, batteries, and light bulbs throughout buildings as instructed on preventative maintenance schedule
  • Perform routine exterior window cleaning of any first floor or cottage windows
  • Maintain cleanliness and upkeep of exterior and interior stairwells
  • Pull trash and dispose in appropriate containers
  • Assist with any major set-ups, break-downs, and clean-up from activities, repairs, or events
Maintenance Partner Job Description 2021
  • Properly dispose of old appliances, equipment, and refuse to include resident refuse
  • Clean exterior light fixtures
  • Maintain laundry rooms and equipment
  • Blow off sidewalks between buildings, parking areas, and entrances
  • Clean and maintain electrical, storage, garbage rooms, garbage chutes, and mechanical rooms as needed
  • Unbox, deliver, and shelve supplies or boxes delivered to departments and residents
  • Perform landscaping services such as mowing, weed eating, weed control, planting, leaf blowing, and watering flowers and planters as directed by supervisor
  • Pressure wash/clean outdoor areas, sidewalks, porches, cottage windows, main entrances, and patio furniture 
  • Maintain the fountain and/or pool
  • Perform routine maintenance on maintenance and landscaping equipment and tools
  • Maintain entrances on a daily basis: blow off sidewalks, entrances, vacuum entrance carpets, wipe down windows as directed by supervisor
  • Drive bus, van, or truck as directed by supervisor after proper vehicle training
  • Assist with large group activity or meeting set up and breakdown as directed by supervisor
  • Assist with preventative maintenance and inventory program, as needed
  • Assist in department training, as directed by Facilities Director
  • Perform other maintenance duties as assigned Qualifications Required
  • Must have minimum one year of general maintenance, electrical, plumbing, painting, and landscaping experience
  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. bend, stoop, lift, push, and pull without assistance as required to perform duties listed in job description
  • Must be able to visually see and read all company and job related material including instructions, policies, procedures and write on a high school English level
  • Must possess excellent communication skills
  • Must pass criminal background check, drug screen, possess reliable transportation, and a cell phone
  • Must possess a valid Driver’s License (will be checked annually) and be able to visually see and obey all traffic signs/signals and navigate using a map or GPS when driving a company-owned vehicle
  • Must be able to hear vehicle horns, sirens and any other noises both inside and outside of the vehicle when driving a company-owned vehicle
  • Must be able to hear instructions, policies, procedures and other company information from internal and external stakeholders
  • Must be able to think independently in order to analyze information or situations and make decisions aligned with the mission statement, core values, policies and procedures
  • Must possess clean Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)
  • Must be available nights, weekends and after hours by phone, computer, or in person, as needed.
    Go by Hiawassee Park Office to
    apply. 89 Hiawassee Park Drive. Our number is 762-500-2021.